Spider Plant


I remember these houseplants from the 1970’s!! It seemed every home I visited had a spider Plant on a shelf or hanging from the ceiling in a hanging basket.

What I didn’t realise at the time is that they are in the list of NASA’s Top 10 Air purifying plants. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/NASA_Clean_Air_Study

These plants are a great way to get children interested in gardening as they are so easy to grow. IMG_5646

As your plant grows you will see off shoots which resemble a mini plant as below:IMG_5662Remove these mini spiders from the Mother plant and pop them in a clean pot or jam jar:

IMG_5659After a couple of weeks you will see tiny roots appearing and so your baby spiderette is ready for planting. Use a clean plant pot and fill it with any all purpose compost. Remember these plants are very easy to grow so you don’t need an expensive compost.

The plant can be placed anywhere around your home where it will get plenty of light but please don’t place on a very hot windowsill or the leaves will scorch. You wouldn’t sit your child or pet by a window that received full sunlight on a hot day and the  same applies to your treasured spider. Water once a week and watch this spider grow!!

After a couple of months your plant will thrive and will have shoots appearing and you can start the process again. Such a great plant to get children interested in growing and with its air purifying ability, a healthy plant to have in your home. Children can then pot their own and sell them at School fetes to raise money for the school or their favourite charity. Happy Gardening 😊👍🌻

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