Aloe Vera

Another great healthy plant to have in your home is an Aloe Vera.

These healthy plants are very easy to grow and one plant can give you so many off shoots (pups) that you will have a constant supply of plant gifts to give to others.

This is another Air Cleaning Plant as listed by NASA but its main health benefit is the gel contained in its leaves. I have used it myself to ease the pain of a wasp sting and it has been known to relieve skin conditions. I do believe that you can only decide for yourself if something has health benefits so my advise would be give it a try.

The purpose of my blog is to show you how to grow and care for these wonderful plants.

The plant produces tiny shoots from its main root and these are known as pups. The best time to remove these is when you water the plant. The plant only needs watering once every two weeks and will still survive if you forget! Remember these Aloe Vera’s grow in hot dry climates so can survive weeks without water.

Remove the pup whilst the soil is wet and it will come away easily with its own tiny root.

Place the pup in a small pot filled with compost, water and then watch your plant grow! All this plant needs to thrive is occasional watering and light. I use All purpose compost on my plants and they always thrive but you can use specialised cactus soil if you prefer. They also benefit from rainwater so in the summer months do place your Aloe Vera pots in the garden if you have one. By the end of the summer you will have a large healthy plant full of gel.

Aloe Vera’s will die if the frost gets to them so please keep them inside during the cold winter months. Remember whilst they are in your home they are cleansing and purifying the air within your house.

Removing the pups from the Mother Plant allow it to grow bigger leaves as the nutrients all then go to the main root.

This is another great plant to get children to grow as it is so easy to care for.

Happy Sowing!! 😊👍🌻

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