A gift for the Children to Make

Children are so excited this time of the year so why not get them focused on making a very simple Plant Gift that they can give to family members, friends, teachers, childminders etc…

They will need help from an Adult for the cutting out so it’s a project you can enjoy together.

Step 1 Find an off cut of material you no longer need. Charity shops are often a good source of material as they often have curtains for sale very cheaply which are perfect for small craft projects. Use a large plate or mixing bowl as your template and get your child to draw round the circle, on the wrong side of the material, with a pencil or pen.

This is now where they will need Adult help as using a pair of pinking shears cut around the line they have just drawn.

They now have their material circle in which to place a plant. Teachers provide the roots of knowledge for our children and help them to grow throughout their education so a small mini tree is the perfect plant to use for this gift if giving to a teacher, childminder, family member or friend. Supermarkets have good quality plants for sale but if you are wanting to buy a number of plants then head to your local garden centre who often sell plants in packs.

Get your child to place the plant pot in the centre of the material or remove it from the pot and place the root and compost as I have done in this example.


The next step is to draw the material up around the base and then secure with ribbon and a bow.

They now have a lovely gift that they have made ready to give to their favourite Teacher!

I hope you enjoy making these plant gifts together and my next blog will be a simple flower arrangement that children can enjoy making.

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