One for the Children

A very simple gift that you can make and surprise someone with!

All you will need is an empty jar or plastic pot/container


Christmas wrapping paper or if you prefer a hand drawn picture


Some greenery from the garden

Here we go:

Ask an Adult or older brother and sister if they can find you a small container from around the home that isn’t being used. I found a small empty jam jar which is what I am going to use to show you how easy it is to make a pretty surprise 🎁 gift.

Remove the lid and then wrap some Christmas gift ribbon around the top of your jar or container. If you can tie the ends in a ribbon (like you tie your shoe laces). I am sure you will find some gift ribbon around the house this time of the year!

Now you can decorate your jar or container by either wrapping round some gift wrapping paper or to make it even more special draw a picture and stick it to your container with sellotape or glue.

Now you are ready to create a pretty arrangement but you will need the help of a responsible adult or older brother or sister to cut some greenery and plants from the garden.

Below you can see a selection of cuttings I took from my garden. Try and get a few different shades of green and find a plant with some colour.

Now add water to your container till it reaches just below the top. Now add your plants. Put the taller plants at the back, as you can see in the photo below and then the smaller pieces at the front.

All finished and ready to surprise someone with your very own handmade arrangement. If you have enough containers you could put one of these by everyone’s placemat for when they sit down to have Christmas Lunch…won’t they be surprised!!

Have a lovely Christmas and remember just to enjoy your day with the family. If you check out my blog later in the year you can learn how to grow your own Brussels sprouts for next year’s Christmas Dinner!!

Please leave a comment on my website if you enjoyed putting together this little arrangement and if you can please do send me a photo! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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