Herbs – Rosemary

The Christmas and New Year break is now over and although it is too early to start sowing our seeds we can spend these next few weeks looking at the health benefits of various herbs. If you remember from an earlier post I was very sceptical at Lavenders claim to aid sleep. Well it has worked! Although it could just be the cold nights that are helping me sleep better 😳 I placed dried Lavender around the house and a fresh Lavender plant in the bedroom. I can report that yes it works! This week let’s focus on Rosemary which is part of the Mint family.

Please remember that my blog is just offering advise and passing on the knowledge I have gained since studying plants and flowers. The health benefit claims are still being researched but herbs were used many many years ago before pharmaceutical medication.

I am always open minded and willing to consider all options….

I imagine we would have to eat great quantities of Rosemary to benefit from some of the health claims however I do like to have a quantity of fresh herb plants around the home thus providing a fresh supply ready to use as frequently as I can. I also have them growing around the garden and hopefully I will live long enough to confirm if the health benefits are true…πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘.

Rosemary has been linked to improving our mood and relieving stress. Aromatherapists use Rosemary oil for this very purpose. It is also said to boost the bodies immune system. Traditionally it has been used by different cultures as a natural remedy for stomach upsets.

If you Google different organic websites you will read various lists of Rosemary’s health benefits. Also please check if there are any allergic reactions s that you need to be aware of.

Mosquitos hate Rosemary so it is a good plant to have in the garden, on a patio or in a window box. It’s also another reason for having a plant in your home. I sell these plants at our Local Farmers Market. Place in a wrapper or container, add a pretty bow then give as a gift to any budding chefs (instead of wine or chocolates!).

Please check back to my website next week for info on the Mint plant and in the meantime check out shops and garden centre’s for any offers on seed packets as will soon be busy sowing!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸŒ»

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