Learning Curve!

Well hasn’t this web site been a learning curve! All my plans for publishing a weekly blog on plant tips was originally top of my ‘to do list’!

I very quickly learnt that life gets in the way of plans and as the to do list got longer the blog became delegated further and further down the list.

I will not bore you all with the details but a poorly husband meant my website taking a back seat for a long while. This was then followed from the Beast from the East which killed off all my plants, flowers and cuttings.

What do us dedicated gardeners do, we recover, replant and start again…and then we get hit with a drought! The last time I remember this kind of heat was in 1976 and for those of you too young to remember, we actually had our water cut off at certain times of the day.

Needless to say, all the replacement plants were then killed off by the drought!

After such a disasterous year for my garden and plants I have been busy learning new crafts, I have also been busy sewing  ( yes sewing NOT sowing!! ) I have learnt a new skill called Powertex. This has allowed me to create sculptures, figurines and fairy houses to place around the garden in place of the plants lost. The Powertex makes them weatherproof so the focus is still very much on the garden.

Now that the weather has cooled I am propogating new plants so do watch this space!

Do take care, enjoy the rest of summer and after all the recent rain we should hopefully see some colour returning to our gardens…yippee!

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